The "Circular God Counter-paradox" has been offered as a resolution to the 800 year old "Paradox of the Stone" on a number of websites which deal with subject matter related to the Omnipotence Paradox. However, it has often not been well-received. It is stunning the amount of resistance the CGCP receives from individuals whom you would think would be extremely interested in discovering an actual response being proposed. Many times it has received heated emotional responses laced with profanity and insults... and from popular information-based websites to which you would expect a higher degree of dignity and class (like Wiki and Religious websites)..

Most likely this is the result of the Stone Paradox being so historically old, numerous intellectuals pondering it for so many centuries and the fact that nobody has really attempted an actual "answer" to the question until now. Another issue is that I am nobody famous. I am not a trendy celebrity, intellectual guru or some 21st century Quantum Theory scientist who appeals to a Darwinistic ideology devoid of any rational discussion regarding the existence of God.


09/24/2017: An attempt was made to include the CGCP response on the website on the section referencing the Omnipotence Paradox. After the CGCP information was appropriately included in the "Responses" section, a few individuals proceeded to immediately remove the added information.

When I asked why it was removed, I was mocked, ridiculed and one individual even went so far as to try to have be blocked from ever being able to add the CGCP resolution to the wiki page. As a result I am using rationalWiki's step-by-step process for resolving content issues and documenting everything that is happening to me along the way. This will no doubt be a long and arduous battle.

09/15/2017: After nearly a nine month wait I finally received the official certificate from the U.S. Copyright Office providing an official copyright for the Circular God Counter-paradox.

05/10/2017: II was excited to finally be able to offer the CGCP resolution on the religiousForums,com website where they were actually "searching" for direct answers to the Stone Paradox question. Much to my surprise, the entire CGCP response was mocked, belittled and dismissed as nonsense. Challenges that were offered to the CGCP never even made it past the most basic-level of understanding. When I pressed for the members of the forum to show how the CGCP was not valid they refused to do so and ended any discussion with me regarding the CGCP response.

I will soon return to to possibly see if there are any new members who might be willing to discuss the possibility of a direct response to the Stone Paradox. Here is a link to the posts that I made within the discussion thread: (Link to Discussion Thread).

04/20/2017: After nearly four months the Circular God Counter-paradox has finally moved to the #1 position on The CGCP was originally posted as a response to the question, "Can God create a rock so heavy that he cannot lift it?" back on January 12, 2017 and has been competing with over 365 other responses offered to the website dating back to 2010. The very first position that the CGCP solution held in the thread was at the very bottom of the "collapsed responses" section of the thread. This is the area were answers that are considered so poorly-written or meaningless that they weren't even worth showing within the thread are placed.

Since then the CGCP has continuously moved upward and is now recognized as a viable response to the "Paradox of the Stone." The CGCP response has received over 22,000 views and 366 up-votes along with a number of challenges offered in the comments section on Many of these comments have been added to the "Challenges" section of